Shockproof 100mm x 150mm Medium Grad ND Filter Neutral Density Optical Glass with holder

Item No.: HUACO-00010
The GND filter have soft and hard GND
100mm x 150mm Medium Grad ND0.6 Filter
100mm x 150mm Medium Grad ND0.9 Filter
100mm x 150mm Medium Grad ND1.2 Filter

Prodction Description

Super Waterproof Mould Resistant Easy Clean

Toughened Optical Glass. Nearly Unbreakable.

Optical Glass. No color cast

High Quality Square 100x150mm Optical Glass Split Gradual Graduated Neutral Density Filter ND

Neutral Density filters are constructed from high quality optical glass for increased optical clarity and color fidelity.

Equally effective in color or black and white photography and does not affect the overall coloration of the image.


Customer questions & answers

Question :  If you can cave my log on the filter?
   Answer:  Yes. OEM is welcome for our company.

Question:  If you can custom packing box ?
   Answer:  Yes. we can help customer to custom packing box.

Question:  what is the MOQ if OEM?
   Answer:  100pcs each filter.

Question: if you can  offer free sample ?
   Answer:  yes. we can offer free sample to test.

Question: what the neutral packing box is ?
   Answer: bag to protect filter like this